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We offer Oil, Refined Products, Gas and Energy Services at an International Level

We offer more than 20 years of experience in trading, logistics, risk management and finance in the oil industry. We pride ourselves on offering smart solutions and interacting with our partners to provide the best value-added services for our clients around the world.


We pride ourselves on offering the best physical trade services.


We provide the best global logistics platform with our strategic partners.

Risk management

We structure and implement the best risk management solutions.


We partner with strong and reliable global financial institutions.


We provide a broad portfolio of products through our partner network.

Raw oil

We provide access to a safe and consistent supply through long-standing relationships with crude oil producers and refiners around the world.

The specialized knowledge and global experience of our partners manage transportation via pipelines, barges, trains, trucks and vessels of all sizes to efficiently and reliably transport crude oil to customers around the world.

Refined products

We ensure that our customers get a reliable and consistent supply of the refined product at the right time and our partners can produce almost any specification on request.

+ Gasoline

+ Diesel / Diesel

+ Fuel oil

+ Jet Fuel


+ Coca-Cola for pets

+ Bitumen

+ Naphtha

+ Light cycle oil

+ Base oils

+ Greases / Lubricants

We can trade all of the above refined products, but not limited to this list, based on specifications that meet our customers’ requirements. If the required specification is not available, in most cases we can ask refineries to produce the requested product to measure. All refined products follow full gost and international standards.

We can hedge price exposures and provide hedging solutions for our clients. We work together with our partners to find the best financial and shipping solutions for our clients. We are equally reliable on either FOB or CIF terms.


We pride ourselves on delivering smart designs and engaging experiences for clients around the world.

+ Ethanol

+ Biodiesel

We can provide access to trusted relationships with biofuel producers in South America, allowing us to offer biofuels and ethanol according to the specifications and needs of our customers. Our partners in South America produce renewable energy in accordance with international standards, allowing us to supply our customers with biofuels and ethanol of the highest quality.

We manage all financial and price risk for our clients when it comes to renewable energy, just as we would with our traditional energy products. Sourcing high quality biofuels and ethanol from South America, we can serve clients anywhere in the world on FOB or CIF terms with leading financial and logistics solutions.

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