Vendo empresa de Consultoria Alquiler y Venta de equipos Petroleros


Está establecida desde agosto 2008 en Colorado y  2012 en Texas y califica para todos los rubros petroleros para venta, alquiler de equipos y consultoría, personal para contratación- Ingenieros, geofísicos,  petrolera y construcción, posee el siguiente. Propio servidor de correos

Actualmente tiene Número de Proveedor con la petrolera Boliviana YPFB Compañía de Petróleos Bolivianos y con programa de licitación Semanal

 se dedica a  participar en todos los rubros petroleros tales como:

Perforación: Upstream.

Consultoría para trabajo de geofísica, Petrofísica, perforación, análisis de reservorio, estudio de Campos,  perforación direccional, consultoría de manejo de fluidos y todo lo concerniente a la parte de perforación

Producción: Downstream.

Se dedica a todo lo que tenga que ver con ingeniería mecánica, personal de energía de reserva, soldadores, planta de compresión de gas, plantas generadoras de vapor, Intercambiadores de calor, turbina, equipo rotativos y  todo lo concerniente a la parte de producción.

Consultoría de perforación, consultoría de Ingeniería de perforación, ingenieros Direccionales y entrenamiento para seguridad industrial.

Es el representante de dos (2)  compañías recomidas en el área petrolero aquí en USA (no puedo desglosar hasta firmar NDA)

100% Americana para operar fuera y adentro de los Estados Unidos

Lista de Personal calificado para la ejecución de proyectos de Ingeniería Mecánica,  Estructural, Geofísica, Petrofísica, Caracterización de Pozos, etc.

Programa de Seguridad Corporativo listo para implementar y operar

Programa para nuevos empleados corporativos listo para implementar y operar.

Lista de Clientes y Proveedores reconocidos


Advanced Consulting, Inc. is one of the most reputable and leading oilfield consulting firms in the United States with a proven track record of providing the right well-site manager for each job. We take pride in matching the absolute best assets “Our Engineers and Site Personnel with our client’s needs and taking care of our people.


Oilfield management knows the importance of actual field experience. We maintain a comprehensive database of independent professional field consultants that includes details of each individual’s work history. When clients need specific experience for a project, we know exactly where to look, and who to select to maximize the potential and ensure success for that project.


hand-selects field consultants with "hands-on" experience in applying abstract engineering theory to solve - problems. Contract personnel must understand what the formation is doing and make critical adjustments to overcome the endless obstacles Mother Nature throws their way. Once a project is complete, the field consultant is off to drill in another path. Their focus is to provide clients the benefits of in-house expertise without the headaches and added expenses of full-time employment.


Advanced Consulting provides engineers and supervisors that are IRP 7 compliant. The majority of our supervisors have over 30+ years and are conscious of performance, safety, and costs. All of our engineers are very knowledgeable with various open hole multi-stage completions systems (i.e. Stacked Packer Ball Drop, Limited Entry Systems, Cemented in Sleeves, etc). Our team are also very familiar with, and have drilled, numerous monobore style wells. All Advanced Consulting's employees and consultants are aware that in order to lower costs in today's current drilling environment, dedication to teamwork is a must. 

Drilling Supervision and Project Management is 24/7 with daily reporting in order to closely monitor and manage each project and its associated costs. Ramdar's service includes the following:

• Offset reviews to reduce initial drilling costs.
• Procurement and negotiation of services and contracts.
• Detailed cost estimates and tracking of daily well costs.
• Preparation of drilling program, including engineered design of mud, casing and cement.
• Negotiation of drilling rig contract.
• Application for drilling license and submissions of all other regulatory applications and reports.
• Daily field reporting and distribution to clients and authorized partners.
• Distribution of third party technical reports and final operation reports as required.
• All aspects of H2S determination, safety management & compliance.


 Consulting in conjunction with well known DD experts in the field is a full-service provider of Directional and Horizontal Drilling Services to the oil and gas industry. Our Directional Drillers are experienced in all forms of Directional and Horizontal Drilling including: 

• Conventional Directional Drilling on land or offshore.
• Over & Under-Balanced Horizontal Drilling.
• Slim-Hole Re-entry Services.
• Multi-well Pad Drilling Projects.

Advanced Consulting itself on the Personnel we employ, that is why we provide real experience DD in the field. Our directional drillers are committed to flawless execution from start to finish of every assignment. Our goal is to provide the best personnel, price,service and equipment available

Oferta de Venta: $600,000.00